Christina (extracrispix) wrote,

I cut all my hair off! Whoo hoo! and i like it.

I need valid excuses to get me out of spanish class. We are only allowed 4. I have 2. But i dont wanna waste the 2 I have left, but i still dont wanna go to class. Cristina asked me to sign up for it with her. Well, now she has dropped it, and I'm still enrolled. I'm getting a "B" in the class, so I dont really wanna drop it. But at the same time, I don't know ANYTHING in that class, and when he goes around the room and asks questions, he always manages to give me really hard things to answer, and then harasses me when i don't know. It's embarassing. So far, my sister has already had a baby, and I've already given him a doctor's note. I need more excuses to not go to class. Help me. (reminder, I don't even need this stupid class).

Interview thingie with Detroit Mercy on Wednesday! Whoo Hoo!!!!

Ok, gotta go, bye!
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