Christina (extracrispix) wrote,


I had a great Christmas! I got.....

Engagement Ring (not really for x-mas, but a great gift near christmas)
Coach Purse (a real one!)
Victoria's secret bras and underwear
Burberry Perfume
Tennis shoes
Grey sweatpants (More Daisy Fuentes!)
Black slippers (that i wore to work yesterday!)
ipod nano armband
socks (of course...can't have x-mas w/o socks!)
JC Penny's giftcard
Bath and body works lipgloss, lotion, shower gel and stuff
Stuffed animals
a emerald charm
High School Musical DVD (remix edition!)
Edison Force DVD (Yuay for JT!)
Alfie DVD (aw, Jude law..Mmmmmmmm)
Ice Age DVD
Bridal Magazines
and a Happy feet poster

I really enjoyed X-mas this year. I have a wonderful mommy and family and a great fiance (or however you spell it). Muah! Hope you all enjoyed it as well.

ps. Rocky Balboa was great!
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