Christina (extracrispix) wrote,

I got a new hp computer!!!! I love my daddy. It's got windows vista, which I'm not real sure on yet, but nevertheless......still way cool.

Went and got a monitor for the puter today. Widescreen....whoo hoo!

Have like 5 tests this coming week (on spring break now) and i have no idea what to study for cuz i was absent all of last week cuz i was sick. Grrr.

Went and saw 300 with Dave on Monday.....AMAZING! Best movie in a LONG time. And it sold out on a monday?!? crazy.

Bought "The Holiday" (I <3 Jude law) and "Casino Royale" on tuesday. Mmmmmmmm...

Anyone know where to get poster frames that are for Authentic movie posters? None seem to fit right.

I'm tired, and I really should study.

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